Make time for a visit (9/17/2019) - Last week I told you about the farm auction we attended and the perspective it brought to my life. But I wanted to share something more. My Grandma Jean ((Moyer) Shafer) spent some time at The Springs, an extended care facility in Richmond, over the winter and early spring. We made regular visits when Grandma […]
Farm Auction (9/17/2019) - On Saturday the kids and I went to a farm auction. It was just south of where I laid my head for 18 years, at a farm that I closely associate with my childhood, as I spent many days there playing with the granddaughter of the occupants. I paused while pushing the double stroller up […]
Camel Ride at the County Fair (9/17/2019) - I took our two small children to the Wayne County Fair last week. The county fair always feels like going home. Except we don’t keep our fat rabbits in cages; ours apparently like to set up camp in the garden. When I was in 4-H, a week at the fair was spent exhibiting our livestock […]
Alexa: Plug Your Ears (9/17/2019) - My niece, nine-years-old and pretty as the day is long, emerged from my old bedroom at Mom and Dad’s farmhouse not long ago. “Alexa, what time is it?” she asked. Not a sound followed, except my mom shuffling through cattle registration papers downstairs. Marlee stretched and raised her voice. “Alexa, what time is it?” Again, […]
Mowing the yard (9/17/2019) - I’ve seen many houses with “Family Rules” signs hanging on their walls. Some of those family rules are things such as: Always tell the truth Pay with hugs and kisses Do your best Keep your promises I have yet to see one that reads, “Don’t bother me on the lawn mower unless there is blood,” […]
Down the aisle (9/17/2019) - My younger cousin got married last weekend in one of the more elaborate weddings I’ve been to. This, of course, coming from someone who used a pair of tree pruners to cut branches off her favorite tree at the farm to create her wedding bouquet. So when my cousin, Joan, asked Caroline to be the […]
Were You Hired to Do That? (4/5/2018) - A middle school student, from a town not far from Hagerstown, was given the assignment to job shadow someone working in a field that might interest him down the road. His top choices for a future career – at age 14 – were a pediatrician (should a student spend their day in a medical office […]
Winter Olympics For the Rest of Us (2/21/2018) - by Lindsay Sankey “I’m about over the Olympics,” I said one night two weeks ago. We were approximately an hour into the opening ceremonies. I’ve never been much of an athlete. My lack of athleticism is likely fueled by two parts inherited kankles and one part non-competitive spirit. I just wasn’t built for spandex. Field […]
Think Human Trafficking Won’t Impact You or Your Family? (1/20/2018) - Living in a rural community where we know most people in town, it is hard to think about big city problems like human trafficking happening here. But, consider this. The opioid epidemic, before becoming an epidemic, was considered to be more of an urban problem than relative to Cambridge City, Centerville or Hagerstown. Now, no […]
Is Addiction a Disease? (12/11/2017) - If you have ever had a friend or family member who suffered from addiction, you have probably struggled with the idea of whether or not addiction is a disease. Like me, you have probably wondered why drugs or alcohol seemed more important to the addict than their family. You have probably blamed them for the […]