Boy’s dream comes true at rodeo

Last year, young Kevin Misener couldn’t make his annual trip to the Wayne County 4-H Fair to see the 3-J Rodeo because he was hospitalized at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. This year, 5-year-old Kevin had a front row seat. Kevin, who has multiple health issues, learned to love the rodeo from his mother, Erica Stutts of New Castle. During her father’s military service, the family lived in Colorado where rodeo was a way of life. When Kevin was 18 months old, Stutts began the family tradition of bringing him to see the rodeo at the Wayne County fair.

Waiting for the “Day” A kidney for Hagerstown’s Mike Day is out there

By Joe Klemann
Mike Day has lived in Hagerstown for 41 years and has been married to Lynn for the same amount of time. They have three children and a grandchild. As Mike tells it, he was a healthy, scrappy young man until he turned 57 and went to his doctor one morning. “I stopped in to the doctor one morning on my way to work at Petro Truck Stop,” begins Mike. “I was having a headache that felt like someone was taking a sledgehammer to the back of my skull.”
Earlier in the month, Mike had been having swelling in his legs so his doctor took him off his blood pressure pill and the inflammation went away.


Hagerstown Police Chief Keith Folkner announced the investigation involving Bowman Bakery is now closed with no criminal evidence. More information as it becomes available and the complete story in next week’s Nettle Creek Gazette.

New Water Lines Down Main Coming Mid-Spring

Between May and August of this year, the south side of Main Street between Washington and Perry will be in disrepair as new water lines will be installed. During last Tuesday’s town council meeting, Mr. Doug Kramer of Kramer and Associates of Richmond explained his companys plans for the improvement of Hagerstown’s aging infrastructure. Armed with several illustrated prints, Kramer presented council with the details of a three phase approach for the project. Phase 1 is Petty Street to Washington Street. Phase 2 is Washington Street to Perry Street.


Fighting Fires on a Bitterly Cold Night
By Joe Klemann
A blazing fire in an enclosed structure on a subzero night is bad enough. Add to the torment that you are handling a heavy high pressure fire hose covering the area with water that will soon turn to ice. You are overheating from your heavy fire coat and breathing apparatus only to be hit by the freezing night air when you step away from the action. Suddenly, all the water that covered you is now ice. Welcome to the world of fighting fires in Indiana winters.

Math Bowl Tigers Adding Up Wins

By Joe Klemann
Over 500 schools around the state compete in Math Bowl, a math competition among elementary schools that includes 4th – 6th graders. While it does not receive all the accolades the sporting world provides, it is an equally demanding competition that requires quick decisions and fast calculating. “Math Bowl is a program through the Indiana State Principals Association,” said team coach and HES sixth grade math teacher Paula Keesling. “The schools are placed in divisions based on enrollment and the grade level of the students on their teams. Hagerstown is in the Blue division because we have a large elementary enrollment and our team includes 6th graders. Further, since we are in the toughest division, we have chosen to only include 5th and 6th graders on our team.”
January 25 was the start of Math Bowl season with competition occurring every Thursday evening until the state regional final meet at the end of February.

More candidates File to Run in the 2018 Wayne County Primary Election

Those who filed as of Friday afternoon for Wayne County offices include David Kolger for Circuit Court judge, Charles K. Todd Jr. for Superior Court judge, Michael W. Shipman for prosecuting attorney, Donnie Benedict for sheriff, Kenneth Paust for District 1 commissioner, Jeff Plasterer for county council’s District 2 and Nicholas Elder for county council’s District 3. Candidates for state offices for local districts include Republican Jeff Raatz seeking re-election for Senate’s District 27. House District 56 candidates include incumbent Richard “Dick” Hamm, a Republican, and Jeffrey S. Locke, a Democrat. Current District 54 State Rep. Thomas E. “Tom” Saunders faces a challenge from Republican Jeff Embrey in the primary. Four candidates filed for township trustee: John Roll for Franklin, Robert D. Conyers for Greene, Joe P. Smith for Jefferson and Jeff Himelick for New Garden.

Fifty Year Recognition

By Bob Hansen

When downtown Richmond exploded and burned in 1968, Bill Hilbert rode on a firetruck from Hagerstown to Richmond to help out. Within a few years when fire took out half a block in downtown Hagerstown, Bill Hilbert responded. When a landmark local restaurant caught fire nearly 45 years after that, Bill Hilbert again responded. “Those are the three big ones that I remember,” Hilbert said of his tenure as a volunteer firefighter. On Dec.