Sidewalk Talk: Confidence in voting

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Western Wayne News went to the streets to ask questions about
voting this upcoming November. The following questions were asked: 

1. How long are you willing to stand in line to vote?
2. Are you confident every vote will be counted?

3. Have you encouraged others to vote?


Jane Greene


1. Half an hour
2. Iffy on that
3. Yes.



Cade Johnson


1. Well, I’m 18 and this is my first year to vote – about 30 minutes.
2. I hope so.
3. Yes.



Barbara Miller


1. I’ve already voted.
2. I’m not so sure about that. I’d like to think so.
3. Yes, because every person that does not vote is a vote for Trump.



Ashley Callahan


1. However long it takes but not a couple hours.
2. Yes.
3. Yes.



Claude McMiller


1. I already cast my vote. It took me about 15 minutes at the courthouse. But if I had to stand there an hour, I would.
2. Yes. I’m going to assume that the people doing the counting are doing the best job they can.
3. Yes. I’m 68 and this is the first year I’ve voted. There’s too much controversy in this country. Somebody has to put their foot down and fix it.


Tim Parrot


1. It doesn’t really matter.
2. Yes, for the most part.
3. Yes. I tell everybody they need to get out and vote.



Hallie Dixon


1. This year’s a little different only because of what is going on in the world right now. I’m willing to stand in line as long as it takes to vote. I have considered early voting. My Mom and I had spoken about that last night, actually. We were going to get around to doing it but we haven’t had the chance because life has been pretty busy. I’m willing to do as long as it takes.
2. I would like to think so.
3. I have… especially this year.


Hannah Armstrong


1. A long time – hours
2. No, I hope so, though
3. Absolutely.



Charles Hall

Cambridge City

1. First of all you should ask me how old I am. I’m 93. Not too long.
2. Def… well I hope so. I wouldn’t bet on it – I wouldn’t want to bet my life on it.
3. No I have not.


Brent Fortman

Cambridge City

1. As long as it takes
2. Yes.
3. Yes.



Robin Hokey

Cambridge City

1. As long as it takes
2. Ah, I hope so, yes
3. Yes.




Austin Voiles

Fountain City

1. No ma’am cause I feel like we’re voting for one of the lesser evils. To be honest, we’re kind of screwed either way. Doesn’t matter who we vote for, they’re all puppets. But they’re gonna be told what to do about everything, but if I was to vote it would be for Trump. Trump is the only one who funds himself, it seems like. It seems like the country has gone to a better direction since he’s been in office. For voting, I’ll just leave that up to everyone else.
2. That’s the thing in American politics, I think money can get anyone in office. it doesn’t matter who votes, how many people vote. Who we want in office I believe will be in office. Looked like we were wanting Bernie Sanders this time. It seems like they’re trying to make Trump seem like this bad guy who thought COVID was fake and all this and that. I feel like that the Democrats just try to attack him too much and spend too much resources on trying to attack him instead of working with him. It made it a lot harder for him in office to do some things because you have the whole Democratic party spending these whole four years in there trying to get him for this and that. It’s been ridiculous on the stuff they try to get him for, just leave the guy alone and work with him a little bit and see what we can do together. It doesn’t matter what he did in the past or what has been said or anything. We just need to try and work together. He used to be an actor, it’s been so weird with people out here going crazy. I don’t know, people are taking it very seriously, to this extent until Trump got into office. When Trump got into office, people were really starting to take a stand. So I really think it’s nice that he is in office ’cause people are taking a stand, people are starting to speak up, and actually work together. I think he’s been doing a good job, he just needs a little help from the Senate, and the Democratic Party, and Republican Party both to work together.


Terri Doddridge


1. However long it takes.
2. I hope so.
3. A little bit.



Benjamin Allen

Cambridge City

1. As long as it takes
2. Um, I hope so but confidence level is maybe 80%
3. Yes.



Glendora Pitcock


1. However long it takes
2. I sure hope so!
3. Yes, Ma’am.



Leanna Smith


1. I will stand in line (wearing my mask) as long as it takes.
2. I have no reason to believe all votes wouldn’t be counted, so “yes,” I believe they will all be counted.
3. I have encouraged others to vote. In the past I have also encouraged people not to complain if they do not vote.


Lynn Day


1. 1 hour.
2. Not completely confident.
3. YES!



Rikk Berry

Fountain City

1. As long as it takes.
2. I have my doubts about every ballot being counted nationwide.
3. I have strongly encouraged everyone I talk with to vote – every single vote makes a difference.



Kim Blair


I have encouraged as many people as possible to vote and I would be willing to stand in line as long as it takes to cast a vote, but this year, I voted early.

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